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Monday, 26 August 2019

Overview on Oracle DBA Jobs

Oracle Database is a software package created and maintained by Oracle Corporation. Implementation of Oracle real application clusters (RAC) by Oracle DBA on various servers for multiple instances provides improvised performance.

Qualifications Criteria for Oracle DBA:

Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) has to qualify the training course in Oracle DBA with minimum understanding and background depth technical knowledge in computer science or information systems as Oracle is one of the most complex and sophisticated relational databases. It requires many skills learned at the college level to write and execute the commands and programs. To successfully understand the Oracle you should get trained from experts in Oracle and information systems professionals. One should be skilled in using MSSQL Server databases and have the ability to perform technical documentation and presentation professionally.

Exclusive Tips for Interview:

You should possess good communication skills and have the confidence to attend interview meeting all the requirements and skills necessary for Oracle DBA. Answer all the questions clearly without leaving any doubt. While explaining your achievements explain it to the point in the sequence of situation, task, action, and result. You should explain clearly about your past experience when asked by the interviewer. You should express willingness to doing the job.

 Oracle DBA interview questions: 

Questions related to your strengths, weaknesses and about the changes you may bring at the workplace as an Oracle DBA are asked generally. Following are the frequently asked Oracle DBA interview questions. 

  • ·         Why do you want to be an Oracle DBA?
  • ·         How did you get motivated to choose this for your career?
  • ·         What contributions have you made while doing the previous job?
  • ·         What is your long term planning?
  • ·         Which training courses did you complete?
  • ·         Give an overview of Relational Database?
  • ·         How will you work with multiple tables?
  • ·         How do you handle errors while PL/SQL programming?
  • ·         How can the performance be tuned in oracle?
  • ·         How do you backup database offline?
  • ·         Explain about Oracle web cache and how do you start it?
  • ·         Explain in brief about the data types in Oracle.
  • ·         Why did you prefer our company?
  • ·         For how much period would you like to work for us?

·, At last, you are asked to clarify doubts, if any.

Behavior during the Interview:

You should be relaxed and make yourself comfortable throughout the interview. Express your opinion in a polite way and do not argue with the interviewer. Do not reply in a rude or harsh manner. After the interview does not forget to thank the interviewer for their time. 

Work of Oracle DBA: 

The Oracle DBA has to perform all the necessary activities for projects independently with less supervision. He should be expert and resolve issues of complex database and develop solutions for DBMS tools, backup, and recovery, database performance tuning, etc. He should perform migrations of database, structures, and upgrades. Oracle DBA has to maintain and utilize DBMS related procedures and standards, and know where they are located. New software and DBMS tools are to be researched, evaluated, and tested to function in accordance with the existing DBMS environment and applications. Any improvements in the current DBMS environment and its performance are monitored as per the requirements by Oracle DBA.

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Oracle Data Mining - An Introduction

Oracle Data Mining is one of the most impressive features of the new Oracle Database system. It has been designed with the purpose of discovering new functionality within the data on the system and thus provides new and unique alternatives to creating an application. Oracle Data Mining helps data analysts work directly with the data and help them explore the data in a graphic format and create new application models by providing predictions and insights on the data.

There are many advantages to using Oracle Data Mining for mining by data analysts. The most important among them, is the fact that there is no need for any data movement from the database and conversion into the apt format for discovery and analysis of data. This not only saves time and cost, it helps curb the errors which plagued the analysts due to conversion.

Because there is no need for conversion Oracle Data Mining also provides updated data in real time from the database as soon as changes are made and recorded. This helps the data analysts act more quickly and saves time due to unnecessary updates in the information. It also provides extra security by regulating which user or data analyst gets access to which data knowledge or mining model. This ensures that sensitive information is not accessed by everyone. 

The best part about Oracle Data Mining is its auto learning AI feature. As soon as certain parameters and instructions are provided, Data Mining automatically starts applying all possible combinations of the parameters and provides the analysts with different options for the most optimal and effective data mining models. This helps the analysts because it saves them the time and effort of actually working on developing the said parameters and helps them save time and work directly on the functionality of the said application. Thus, Oracle Data Mining uses AI like systems to aid and boost the development of applications by companies and increases their revenue while decreasing costs.

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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Dbametrix has announced a new remote dba support plan

Dbametrix has announced a new remote dba support plan today to invest further in past successful remote database administration and remote dba service plans.

Supported by a variety of Oracle database services, Dbametrix\'s remote dba support plan provides full satisfaction to the client because of fully using Service Level Agreement with response time. Service Level Agreement documents, which presents requirements and expectations of client and end-users. The SLA aids in ensuring that the operations staff and the end-user community are on the same instance and that there are no assumptions about the quality of service desired for Oracle.

Dbametrix has launched a new remote Oracle DBA support service called ET support. It is quite different and best in its class structure and especially helpful to cost-cutting and save your I.T budget using SLA matrix. Using SLA remote service Dbametrix is able to assure every commitment of client. The client also gets maximum satisfaction with expectation and needs. ET – SLA is most flexible remote support plan and absolutely fit for every client’s expectation, requirements and IT costs.

Having achieved convincing business growth in spite of recent economic conditions, the company has committed to a continual investment in the improvement of the quality of remote dba support services and remote database monitoring technology.
According to Dbametrix support team representative "Our remote services and remote assistance is different than others because we have the solid measurement of SLA and response time matrix. We are launching new remote dba support service called ET- SLA remote dba plan is cost-effective in the global market because it starts with less than 1$ per hour and gets excellent remote support from expert and database specialists. We are offering our remote dba assistance with maximum features and minimum cost."

About Dbametrix Solutions:

Dbametrix is one of leading remote Oracle DBA support service provider and offers remote Oracle DBA support service at very low cost. A client of Dbametrix can able to put trust in the company because Dbametrix delivers cost-effective remote dba plan using SOLID Service Level Agreement SLA and response time matrix. Due to this reason every client gets maximum satisfaction from our deliverable.